Between Healthy & Tasty is about passion.


I’m Agata and I’m a cooking lover and clean eating. The kitchen is something more than cooking, every smell, taste, touch each dish it’s a trip to across the world experiencing in your kitchen . Cooking is a incredible discovering .

Each day brings a new experience to me in the kitchen. My little family is my daughter, husband and me. Each of us eat something different. My daughter is a 3-year-old picky Angel. My husband- is athlete, but sweets which I prepare for him, are his weak spot, he loves my sweets. But I’m glad that I can make them happy. I’m back form healthy eating “holidays” to clean eating life. However, so far the speech for clean eating and active exercises. I designate a point to which I endeavor in small or large steps, but I know that I’ll be there!

You will certainly find something for yourself. Form sweets for my husband to my clean eating.

My Blog Between Healthy and Tasty arose because I know that are people like me, lovers of cooking and healthy lifestyle. For a minimum of 10 years I had different short term diets and each ended back the weight or reflected on my health. Today in my kitchen reign healthy cooking for my family but also clean eating for me – which I would like to show you. I know that the word “healthy” sound like all is not tasty and easy. Time to change! Trust me that everything will be 1st easy and 2nd very delicious! 

Remember that its not a short term magic diet. Its a long term lifestyle change to healthy!

Between Healthy and Tasty allows me to return to my recipes with ease. My little e-cookbook , where I can share my cooking experiences . My great-grandmother , grandmother and mother they have taught me to discover flavors. I hope my recipes will also for you a small discovery in your kitchen.